Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review & Buyers Guide

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Review of: Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Use for:  Home Gym Equipment

We Like

  • The seat of the bike is large
  • Has transport wheel s for easy movement
  • The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive design & comfortable seat
  • The bike comes with a satisfying warranty
  • It provides charging USB and exchange data

We Don't Like

  • The seat is not comfortable for longer hours of workout
  • The programs are challenging to use.

Summary: Schwinn 230 is another popular and best selling recumbent exercise bike by Schwinn. If you are interested in riding a bicycle for fitness & sharing the road with cars cause you anxiety then, this home gym fitness bike can be a better choice for you. It also has excellent customer feedback as its other model Schwin 270.

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike allows you to gain all the benefits that come with riding a bike, without all the stress and discomfort of riding on the road in the elements.

It is an excellent way to achieve your fitness goals and is particularly useful for anyone who prefers low impact exercise. No more pounding the hard ground whilst running and causing damage and pain to your joints.

This easy-to-assemble and easy-to-use exercise bike provides a range of workout options to help meet anyone's fitness goals, and is priced so reasonably that it will suit any budget!

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Schwinn 230 Product Features

Before going to the In depth product review lets take a look at the core features of this recumbent bike.

If you have suffered from previous injuries from an accident, looking for a recumbent bike can be a wise decision. Just like other workout equipment, recumbent bikes are designed to provide you with perfect workouts if you add some efforts.

Cycling using a recumbent bike is faster as compared to an upright bike. The presence of a larger seat and effective back support combined with the lower design of the machine make your workouts successful.

Now that there are so many recumbent bikes on the market, how do you select the best bike to suit your needs?​

​You do not have to go for any bike that you see in the stores. I’m here to help you make an informed selection so that you can benefit a lot from the equipment.

One of the best bikes that you can try is the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike. This is a quality bike that puts less stress on your hips and knees. Check the entire product review first to take your buying decision.

The bike provides you with effective workouts so that you can get increased strength and manage your weight.

Performance Features

​The Schwinn 230 offers users a range of features to enhance their performance and achieve fitness goals.

​Drive system

​The drive system on the Schwinn 230 is called a perimeter-weighted flywheel. This means that the weight of the wheel is located on the perimeter, or the outside, of the flywheel. This allows for smooth and consistent strokes, you will actually feel the full 360 degree motion of the wheel, rather than an up-and-down feeling that comes with riding an ordinary stationary bike.

By riding this way you are placing less stress and tension on your hips, knees and muscles.

The perimeter-weighted flywheel allows for a smoother workout and because this design helps keep noise to a minimum, it will be easier to hear your favorite workout tunes!

22 Workout Programs​

The versatility of the Schwinn 230 is second to none, courtesy of the 22 different workout programs available on the console. You can select from 9 profile programs, 8 heart rate control programs, 2 custom user programs, 2 fitness tests and a quick start program. Let's check these out in greater detail.

​Profile programs

With 9 profiles available to choose from you can vary your workout to suit your fitness level, exercise goals, or your mood. These profiles are divided into three categories – Fun Rides, Mountains and Challenges. The names of the profiles give a good indication of the level of intensity involved in each workout and the screen will display and easy-to-understand visual of the profile. It indicates when the intensity is about to increase and aims to simulate riding up hills. The pre-set profiles are perfect for any type of training, at any fitness level.

Heart Rate Control Programs

The heart rate control programs are separated into beginner and advanced sections. This function allows you to set the appropriate heart rate zone for your workout. The Schwinn 230 monitors your heart rate via the sensors on the handlebars and will ensure you are working within your optimum heart rate for the duration of your workout. To make this function work, you must hold on to the handlebars as this is where the heart rate sensor is. If you do not hold on to the handlebars you will be unable to monitor your heart rate.

Custom User Programs

To create a fitness program tailored to your own needs and level, simply create your own personalized profile. There are two spaces available and your profile will store the workouts you create. It's similar to the quick start function, but your workouts will be saved and available for use anytime you choose. You can revisit any of these prior workouts by visiting your own customized profile, there is no need to input the parameters manually each time. This means you can going on your workout sooner!

Fitness Tests

You can choose from two fitness tests to help monitor your improvements, one for beginner users and one for more advanced users. These tests are fairly accurate as you can input your weight and age to help calculate your fitness score. You will need to hold on to the contact heart rate sensors found on the handlebars in order for the test to work, and once you begin you will slowly be brought up to speed to the ‘test zone’. This is zone is around 75% of your maximum heart rate. You will remain in the test zone for three minutes at a stable intensity. During these three minutes your heart rate and power output will be measured. These results are then combined with your age and weight to calculate your fitness score. You can then aim to beat this score each time you take the fitness test to check for improvements!

Quick Start Program

If you want to get riding straight away and don't fancy fiddling about with buttons, simply select the ‘quick start’ program. This allows you to begin peddling immediately which is perfect if you only have a limited time for your workout. You can manually adjust the intensity as you go and vary the speed at which you peddle without the Schwinn 230 pushing you harder than you desire. Alternatively, if you feel like a high intensity workout for a very brief time, you are in control and can exercise at whatever intensity you like.

​Heart Rate Monitoring System

​The Schwinn 230 has a very basic heart rate monitoring system. Heart rate sensors are found on the handlebars and whilst this makes using them very easy, you have to be holding on the handle bars in order to have your heart rate monitored.

The handles provide the user with a comfortable grip. They feature an ergonomically placed grip heart rate. This bike is also designed with static handlebars making it easy to get in and out of the bike.​

The hand sensors are also not as accurate as heart rate chest straps, but unfortunately these straps are not compatible with the Schwinn 230. However, if you are comfortable holding on to the handlebars for the duration of your workout and only use the recorded heart rate as a rough indication, the Schwinn 230 will suit your needs nicely.

​Display and Console Features

​Display Type

​There are two LCD displays measuring 3”x 5” and 1”x 5”. On top of the main display is a USB plug that enables you to keep your devices charged as well as store your workout data on Schwinn Connect or There is no backlight on the display which makes it difficult to read in poorly lit rooms or conditions.

DualTrack Technology: This recumbent bike has a similar operation to the 170 model that displays 13 statistical parameters in two columns that are split. One of the columns provides your workout results while the other one shows the progress of your workout goals. You can see your results such as distance, calories, RPM and pulse and much more.

​Display Readouts

The two displays combine to show you a range of information throughout your workout. These include;

  • ​Time
  • RPM
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Pulse
  • Calories burned
  • Resistance level
  • Course profile
  • Heart rate zone indicator
  • Completion indicator
  • Intensity meter
  • User indicator
  • Goal achievement

Resistance Level

This is an impressive quality about this bike. There are different levels of resistance that you can choose from to keep you fully engaged in easier to more challenging workouts.​

Quick Keys

These one-touch buttons allow you to select the resistance level. There are ten of them and you can set the resistance at 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20.

​User Profiles

There is space for two people to create personalized profiles. On these profiles information such as age, height, weight and preferred workouts can be added. Past workouts and statistics are stored here and can be accessed at any time. This is very useful for accurately monitoring your progress and keeping track of your fitness. However, if there are more than two people regularly using the recumbent bike this will cause problems because only two people can create a profile.​

​Performance Tracking

​There is a goal tracking button with three indicator lights to let you know if your have reached a personal goal in the past week. This can include workout totals and is linked to your personalized user profile. Setting small goals and targets is a valuable way to achieve your overall desired exercise goals and outcomes.

Integrated Features

Many features are included when you purchase the Schwinn 230, it will very quickly become one of your favorite pieces of equipment in your home gym.

​Seat and Seat Rail

​When you are purchasing any recumbent bike, comfort is among the things that you should look at. You want to keep your body in the right shape without exerting much pressure on your joints.

​Unlike many other exercise bikes, the seat on the Schwinn 230 is comfortable. It is contoured with large air vents on the back to ensure air flow whilst you ride. It can be easily adjusted and slid into any position to suit people of all sizes.

The seat of the bike is padded, and the lower back support is enhanced so that you are comfortable enough when training.​


​Your feet are firmly attached to the pedals with the toe straps. This helps your feet to stay in place, especially when pedaling at high speeds.

​Transport Wheels

​The conveniently located wheels allows you to drag the bike anywhere you like. It can easily be stored away in the corner of a room and then moved to a more desirable location for your workout.


​You can switch between miles and kilometers, depending on your preference.


​There are two levelers to ensure stability for the duration of your workout, no matter how fast you are pedaling.

​Eddy Current Tension System

​This system uses a combination of magnetic yolk and electrical coils to generate vertical magnetic tension to the machine. There is less wear and tear when using this type of mechanism and you won't have to suffer through a burning smell as you workout.

​Body and Frame

​The bike has a center frame support to offer the riders with solid workouts. This means that users with heavy body weights can use the bike comfortably without tipping.

If you want to transport the bike for storage, the transport wheel are designed to ease the movement from one room to the other.​

Schwinn 230 Accessories

A number of accessories are included when you buy the Schwinn 230 and will help make your workout that little more enjoyable.


​Whether you choose to listen to an MP3 player or an iPod, your music will play through the two in-built speakers. This eliminates the need for headphones with a cord that usually gets in the way.


It's no replacement for a fresh breeze, but it will cool you down enough to not overheat during your workout.

​Media Rack

​On the bottom of the top LCD screen is a ledge that will conveniently hold your iPod, phone, tablet or magazine. The only problem this poses is that is covers up the top screen, inhibiting you from reading it.

​Water Bottle Holder

Keeping hydrated is an important part of any fitness regime and the oversized holder on the Schwinn 230 will ensure you never go thirsty whilst riding!​

Product Specifications


The Schwinn 230 measure 64 inches long, just under 28 inches wide, and almost 50 inches high. This is a good size to fit in the corner of just about any room and be available for use whenever you feel like it.

​Power Requirements

​Any standard electrical wall socket will house the Schwinn 230. Just make sure it's on a 110V-120V circuit.


​The exercise bike weighs a little over 80lbs (81.6). Don't let this fool you into believing that it is difficult to move from one place to another. No lifting is required thanks to the transport wheels. This weight is enough to hold a user of up to 300lbs.

Schwinn 230 Vs Nautilus R614

​The Schwinn 230 is one of the best recumbent bikes on the market, but let's check out how it measures up to the popular Nautilus R614.

​Performance Features

The two machines are on very equal ground here. Both offer 22 workout programs, although the Nautilus has names that relate to real places such as Mount Hood and Pikes Peak.

The easy-to-use yet not so accurate handle bar heart rate monitor is a feature on both machines, therefore not making one better than the other when it comes to measuring your heart rate as you exercise. When it comes to drive systems, both operate with the perimeter-weighted system, ensuring a smooth ride on both machines.

​Display and Console Features

Once again, there is fairly even footing between the two machines. Both use a DualTrack LCD screen system, and have two screens to show statistics and figures. The Nautilus has the edge over the Schwinn 230 courtesy of its backlit screen and Bluetooth connectivity.

This enables you to read the screen clearly, even in dimly lit conditions. Therefore your workout is not limited to certain parts of the day or a brightly lit room. You can use the USB port on the Nautilus to connect to, or simply use the Bluetooth connection.

The Nautilus also shows-up the Schwinn when it comes to resistance levels, offering 20 compared to the ten available on the Schwinn 230.​

​Integrated Features

​Both machines provide comfortable, ventilated seats that will keep you keen to exercise. Move either machine to any position or location you prefer by making use of the transport wheels. The amount of space occupied by each recumbent bike is virtually the same and the similar step-through design creates easy access when moving around the machine.

​Included Accessories

Speakers and a media shelf on both machines makes listening to your favorite music or reading a breeze. You can also use any kind of large water bottle as both offer a built-in oversized water bottle carrier. The fan on the Nautilus is slightly more superior as it offers three different settings.

These recumbent bikes are so similar in style, price and features that it will really come down to personal preference and each individual exercise regime.​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of this workout bike?

Is it easy to adjust the seat of the bike?

Does this bike come fully put together or do I need to assemble the bike myself? How much assembly is required?

This bike beats other types of bikes that you will come across. You can workout for several hours without feeling uncomfortable at all.

This bike also doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Get it today and start enjoying quality workouts at home without any strain on your body.

The bike is affordable and the quality of workout offered is outstanding. With this recumbent bike, you will always be looking forward to the next training moments.

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