Marcy Me 709 Recumbent Bike Reviews [Best Magnetic-Resistance Exercise Bike 2020]

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Review of: Marcy ME-709

Use for:  Home Exercise Equipment

We Like

  • ME-709 is very Easy to Assemble.
  • Excellent market reputation & Customer feedback.
  • Affordable Price.
  • The bike doesn't produce noise during operation.
  • Eight preset levels of magnetic resistance
  • Comes with two-year warranty from the manufacturer (awesome!)
  • The bike has a large console display.
  • The foot traps are adjustable.

We Don't Like

  • No Preset workout programs.
  • No Heart rate pulse monitor.
  • Seat is comfortable but for tall person, the arm rests can be little weird.

​Summary: The Mercy is not a newcomer brand. It has existed in the market for quite some time and provides the users with amazing recumbent stationary bikes that offer the users with low impact exercises.

Anyone looking forward to losing weight or, improving their level of fitness or toning up must get the Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike and enjoy convenient workouts at home.

The bike keeps your legs extended to the front hence reducing stress on your knees, back and ankles.

It is great for people who have suffered from injuries and want to keep their body fit and strong.

​Having Marcy ME-709 gives you the advantages that are offered by an upright bike and a regular road bike.

​There are many advantages that you will derive from owning this recumbent bike. Not to mention its low price, smooth operation, adjustability and variable resistance among many other things.

Watch this Video for a Quick Product Overview​

Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Bike Review

Product Features at a glance

  • Easy-to-adjust tension-tightening knob.
  • Large console display tracks speed.
  • Counterbalanced pedals with adjustable foot straps.
  • Built-in transport wheels.
  • Weight capacity 300 lbs.

Let's find out other important components of this recumbent bike that set it apart from other bikes on the market.

Ease of Adjustment

The seat of this bike is highly adjustable making the bike ideal for short users and tall users with over 5-6 feet tall.​

On top of that, the handlebars and foot straps are also highly adjustable to provide you with comfort during exercises. You just need to make the right setting so that you can get a good and comfy workout posture.


​With this bike, you are motivated to improve your performance because it tracks your performance during workouts.

With this bike, you are motivated to improve your performance because it tracks your performance during workouts.​

The oversized console is easy to read making it easy for you to monitor you speed, time, distance and the calories you have burned during workouts.​


The variable resistance in this recumbent bike makes it ideal for both beginners and experienced users. You can train in the right workout intensity to improve your level of fitness.​

​If you are beginning, you can start with low-intensity workout and eventually you will be able to increase the level of resistance to higher levels.

Sturdy Construction

​The Mercy recumbent bike features a heavy-duty construction for durability. It is safe for heavier cyclists to use the bike without worrying about tipping.

Again, the bike is stable and stay grounded even when you are engaged in fast exercises and higher levels of resistance.

Weight and Dimensions

​This easy to assemble bike supports users with weight limit of 300 pounds. It can support a good number of people who are below that weight limit.

​The overall dimensions of the bike are 66 pounds in weight, and it measures 55 inches by 40 inches by 25 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I weigh 350 pounds; will this bike accommodate a person with that weight?

A: Although they have stated that the bike holds users with up to 300 pounds, I'm 3400 pounds, and I have not had any problem when working out on this bike. I think it will fit you too.

Q: Is this bike sturdy? I'm looking for a bike that does not move or shake when you are training.

A: This is the best bike that I have so far. It feels very sturdy when I'm riding. It is a nice product that you can invest your money on.

Q: Is the seat of this bike large enough to fit larger people?

A: I'm large and I the sets fits me perfectly. I have the most comfortable workout posture when using this bike for workouts.

The Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy a perfect workout at home, get this budget-friendly bike keep your body fit. With its variable resistance, different users can use the bike comfortably by setting their desired levels of resistance.

Again, the bike offers room for adjustments, so you are assured of a comfortable fit all the times you want to workout with this bike.

Heavier users have been able to use the bike safely, and most of them have provided positive feedback about the performance of this bike.