VigRX Delay Spray Review- How to Last Longer in Bed

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Have you ever wondered how to turn your sexual life into something more amazing? Would you like to know the ‘secret’ used by many men so as to boost their confidence and double and triple their confidence?

Well, it’s no secret- it’s the VigRX Delay Spray. This is the answer to what you need and what women want. All that you have to do is to spray it as directed and get ready to play.

This male desensitizer spray has been blended precisely to ensure that the male anatomy experiences maximum pleasure and performance.

This is the ultimate quick solution to help you last longer in bed as it works within 10 minutes. It’s a great product, not just for you- but for your partner as well.

What is VigRX Delay Spray- Ingredients Inside

The delay spray contains benzocaine, which is a mild anesthetic. Benzocaine functions so as to make the penis relax. This is done by maikng the area less sensitive to stimuli once the substance has been absorbed into the penile tissue’s subcutaneous layers.

How does it work

VigRX Delay Spray, also called a male desensitizer, works so as to delay men’s climax. It reduces the sensitivity by making the penis less responsive to stimuli. Ejaculation latency is controlled by benzocaine. When sprayed on the penile tissue, the benzocaine is then absorbed into its stratum corneum and makes the penis relax. This delay spray works within 10 minutes and the effects last somewhere between 20-30 minutes.

Benefits You’ll get from VigRX Delay Spray


Boost your Sexual Confidence

If you are experiencing anxiety, you are just a spray away from achieving sexual confidence. Apply the spray on your penis when you are ready to play.

It works in less than 10 minutes and you will not need to worry about ejaculating too soon.

This offers satisfaction to you as well as your partner. So, keep the spray in your bedroom and you will not need to have constant worries about not performing well in bed, as it gives you stamina, and absorbs pretty fast, with effects that last up to an hour.

Double or Triple your Stamina

When you apply the spray more than once, the result is increased performance and you get to increase your stamina. The stamina is increased as benzocaine functions by making your nerves less responsive to stimuli.

By relaxing your penile membranes, they will be relaxed. This then enables you to enjoy the play for longer, before ejaculation happens. The increased stamina leads to an increased sexual performance, which is enjoyable for both you and your partner. Sexual intercourse will become a more fulfilling experience for you.

Extended pleasure

As your penis is made less sensitive to stimuli, you get to have extended moments of pleasure. This is because the delay spray has been specially designed to ensure that the male anatomy performs at its best and get maximum pleasure.

Offering pleasure to your partner also gives you pleasure. With a relaxed penis, you will get to experience the pleasure for longer and then release when you want to. This extended pleasure will offer satisfaction to you and your partner.

Amazing sex

Benzocaine has been used in condoms that offer long lasting sex. Now when this is sprayed and rubbed into your skin, it offers even greater and better results. With increased stamina and prolonged pleasure, you get to experience more amazing and fulfilling sex.

The delay sprays delay ejaculation and enables one to enjoy the moments of play. The effects are kicked in within 10 minutes and it is definitely a quick solution for longer lasting sexual intercourse. This makes sex an amazing experience for you and your partner.

Negative Side Effects

There are no known side effects caused by the use of this spray when you have no medical conditions that affect your stamina. However, its use should be avoided if the user or his partner is allergic to mild anesthetics or benzocaine.

Numbness and erection loss may be experienced when it is applied to broken skin..

The Science Behind VigRX Delay Spray

The duration within which a male can perform sex can be extended so as to enhance performance. This is possible with the use of benzocaine, which has been in use since the early years of the 21st century. It is the same substance that has been used in condoms so as to build endurance in men.

Benzocaine relaxes the penis. This is done by inhibiting the voltage-dependent sodium channels (VDSCs), which are on the nervous membranes within the penile tissue. However, the scientists at Leading Edge Health have tweaked benzocaine so that it may be used even more conveniently.

Where to buy VigRX Delay Spray

If you feel that you are ready for a change, all you need to do is to go to the VigRXsite and buy the product. You may place an order in the following link: The purchases are available under a 1 month supply, a 3 month supply and a 6 month supply. Your privacy is also guaranteed with discreet billing and shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Do I need a Prescription from my Doctor so as to buy the Spray?

Is it Safe?

Will it transfer to my partner?

Is my Privacy Guaranteed when Purchasing the product?

Can I use it with other male enhancement products?

How is the Product Used?

My Conclusion after my VigRX Delay Spray Research

This is a great product for men who feel that they need to step up in the bedroom. It has proven to be effective for many men who are free from medical conditions that do not affect their stamina. It is the product that you need so as to achieve what women want. Benzocaine has been in use for a number of years and it is more effective in making ejaculation to be prolonged, compared to lidocaine.

This delay spray is therefore better than other delay sprays that use lidocaine. The use of this product offers sexual experiences that will be memorable and enjoyable. It is bought discreetly, easy to use and offers fast results with long lasting experience. VigRX Delay Spray is a man’s best secret for best performance- and now, you also know about it.

Who wouldn’t want longer stronger erections, a substance that has 100% natural ingredients, a spray that improves the intensity of your orgasms and improve one’s sex drive?

This is the only product that has been clinically tested and PROVEN to work. Get out there and try it, you will be amazed with your performance.

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