Diamondback Fitness 510SR Recumbent Bike Review

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The Diamondback 510sr recumbent bike is a solid and well designed fitness bike that provides the users with high levels of comfort so you can enjoy every single time that you spend on this bike.

510SR is little cheaper than the other popular recumbent bike diamondback 910SR. There is not much differences between these two exercise bikes.

In fact, Diamondback 510sr fitness bike is recommended for people who are recovering from injuries or those who are suffering from chronic pain. Also suitable for seniors.

Some important factors make the recumbent exercise bike worth spending your money.

Here are the Key Features of Diamondback 510 Fitness

  • Diamondback 510SR comes with 20 Workout Programs with 16 Level Resistance
  • Bright LCD Display with Real time feedback
  • Handgrip Heart Rate Sensors and Heart Rate Monitors
  • Integrated Speaker system with mp3 connectivity & headphone jack
  • Quickset Program Keys
  • Integrated Cooling Fan (adjustable)
  • Smooth, Quite & Frictionless eddy current breaking System
  • Sculptured Seat Base & Back
  • 3 Years Warranties for parts and electronics, 1 Year labor & Lifetime (limited) for frame & brake



The comfort, smooth operation and motivation are some of the things that you will in this bike. For more details about this bike, continue reading this review and I’m sure you will fall in love with this recumbent bike.

Diamondback 510sr Performance

This Diamondback fitness bike is easy to use. 510sr provides the user with an incredible performance throughout the workout period.Diamondback 510SR_Display

This is achieved because of its sleek lines and unique design that allow the user to have the best time on the exercise bike.

You can achieve successful workouts aimed at helping you achieve your fitness dreams.


There are so many motivational factors that are present in diamondback fitness 510sr recumbent bike.

To start with, diamondback 510sr recumbent bike is designed with built-in speakers which you can connect to a portable MP3 player.

You are entertained by listening to your favorite music as you workout.

Again, the LCD display provides you with real-time results, so you have your workout data at your fingertips.

Diamondback 510SR_Seat BackComfort

I mentioned the importance of comfort earlier, but I still have to say it again.

This Diamondback 510sr recumbent exercise bike is one of the most comfortable bikes that you can have for productive workouts.

The seat base and the back rest provide comfort so you will not experience any problems when you are exercising.

This means that you cannot get any strain or injury during a workout on this diamondback fitness bike.

Diamondback 510SR Recumbent bike-minAdjustability in Diamondback 510Sr

I have read several complaints from customers who have ended up buying bikes that do not fit their height perfectly.

This means ineffective workouts if the height of the bike doesn’t suit your body size.

Fortunately, you will not experience such problems with this diamondback exercise bike because it is highly adjustable.

You can adjust the handles, back support and the console to your liking.

Eddy Current Braking System

Another significant thing about Diamondback 510sr is the Eddy current braking system. It ensures that you get a smooth and quiet workout when using this recumbent bike.

Users can also engage themselves in challenging workouts by increasing the level of resistance with ease. This bike offers 16 levels of resistance, so you have a good number to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this bike use AC adapter or batteries?

A: The bike uses AC adapter that plugs into the front base of this bike. I hope this helps you.

Q: Is the seat of this bike padded?

A: Yes, the bike comes with a comfortable seat that offers effective workouts. I’m pleased with this bike.

Q: Is it true that the bike has a mesh seat back?

A: Yes, the bike does come with a mesh seat back. The bike is very comfortable, and I love it.

Comparing with the model Schwinn 270, Both are popular on the market but The diamondback 510sr is little bit costly but a solid fitness exercise bike. Where Schwinn 270 price is under $500.

Final Words

When you are working out, you should do it for pleasure not because it is a habit. In this case, comfort is something that you need to look at when you are purchasing a recumbent bike. Not all the bikes on the market are designed with the level of comfort that you would love to have when you are riding.

Getting a comfortable recumbent bike that supports all types of users to perfection is not a simple thing. This is why you should not feel a pinch when you are spending an extra dime to get this high performing exercise bike.

510sr fitness bike provides you with everything that you would wish in a recumbent bike. Get it and enjoy the best low impact exercises for the rest of your life.

It is durably constructed meaning many years of desirable workouts to help keep your body healthy, attractive and fit.

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