Review of the Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device

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Chronic pain is a serious case common in busy and hardworking people.

It’s bothersome and relentless and can strike at almost any time of the day.

There are many cures and medications available in the market today. Each of these promise to deliver satisfactory results provided that their product’s instructions are met.

A lot of these suggested cures are applied topically or taken internally and require repetition.

Today, we’ll review Quell pain relief Device; a new and revolutionary way to gain relief from chronic pain.

What is the Quell Pain Relief Device?

quell deviceQuell Pain Relief Device is the newest chronic pain reliever introduced in the market.

It works using neuro technology, which means it creates and influences certain aspects in the human brain to provide comfort.

This elaborate and drug-free process creates the feeling of relief and freedom from pain.

The pain relief device is designed to be wearable. It has a seal of approval from the Food and Drug Administration, so it is safe use, anytime. It comes in a stylish design that is fit for both him and her. The device is also discreet and hardly noticeable so this makes it easy to conceal under any garment.

Quell Pain Relief Device and its Features

This is one of the safest pain relief devices that can make chronic pain tolerable. It also helps people with similar ailments in managing their everyday lives.

Below are some of the features that make Quell medication one of the best in the market.

This innovative device may seem to work like magic but it is easy to use. This feature is important since a lot of citizens who experience chronic pain are the elderly. The easy-to-use interface provides immediate relief and ease of use to anyone.

It also does not require the patient to plug the device in any outlet or port. Since this wearable pain relief device is designed to be convenient, it diminishes the need for unnecessary plugs while being used. This is due to its superior built-in battery that can charge up to 400 cycles in its lifetime. The pain relief devices can be charged at any AC line adapter with the charger provided.

Most of Quell’s pain-relieving devices are equipped with light indicators. This feature lets the user understand the device easier. The LED lights are designed to indicate certain activated settings such as Power on/off or Bluetooth functionality.

This device by Quell is designed using innovative scientific research that promotes understanding between experiencing and how it affects the brain. Using this principle, Quell’s device can successfully alleviate pain anywhere in the body. It uses the body’s natural composition to successfully block the production of pain triggers, which are causing the discomfort.

The entire Quell medication is drug-free. This eradicates the risks for allergic reactions or overdose from the medication. It uses purely neurotechnology to deliver precise relief appropriate solely to the wearer. It also has a Patented OptiTherapy technology. This feature automatically adjusts to the pain experienced by the user. The technology used for this specific feature stimulates the nerves to get rid of pain.

This device is great for day and night use. This is due to its lightweight and compact design. The device only measures 98mm x 74mm x 11 mm and only weighs 62 grams without the straps.

Customized relief is attainable with the right use of the Quell pain relief device. It only needs to be connected to any smart phone with iOS version 8.0 or Android version 4.4 or higher. Privacy is a priority so all sensitive data transmitted is secure and encrypted.

The Bluetooth Connectivity Setting

A designated app can be downloaded into a smart phone. This will be used to connect the device to the smart phone for guaranteed personalized relief. All communication between the device and the smart phone will be via Bluetooth. This is why a smart phone with the latest Bluetooth settings is recommended to be connected to the device.

This lets the user access his progress while using the Quell pain relief device. He can also adjust certain settings according to the level of pain he is experiencing. The designated app is also the best way for the user to control his therapy and monitor his sleep.

By plugging the device unto a wall outlet, it can be successfully turned off. The device also has designated buttons for the Bluetooth setting. Simply click and hold the dedicated button on the device until the orange and white LED lights up. Release the button and the Bluetooth setting is then disabled.  To turn on the Bluetooth settings, simply repeat the steps above. The Bluetooth settings are on when all six light indicators are lit.

Using the Quell Pain Relief Device

Wearing Quell’s pain relieving devices is as easy as it’s effective. No matter where the pain is the device needs to be worn on the calf area. Remember that the device needs to be disconnected from the charging outlet while it is in use.

Simply attach the electrode into the band. This will adhere itself to the band so the user can easily wear it without slipping off. This adhesive feature is important especially when sleeping or performing daily tasks.

Wrap it around the calf area. Make sure it is securely in place. Turn the device on by simply pushing the button. Automatic settings will configure itself depending on the user’s level of pain.

It can also be manually controlled by downloading the designated app for iOS and Android devices. The app is optional for every wearer but it makes usage easy. It can also monitor, track progress and save therapy settings.

Quell can be used while sleeping and throughout the night. It also has three sleep settings that automatically adjust to the wearer. It can also be manually configured according to the wearer’s preferences.

How it Works

The wearable pain relief technology by Quell uses only clinically tested and safe levels of neurotechnology. When turned on, the neuro-stimulation will start to take effect while the device is worn on the upper calf.

After being worn the device stimulates the sensory nerves in the upper calf. By doing so, neural pulses are sent to the human brain. These trigger the body’s natural response to block the pain signals in the human body. Regardless wherever the discomfort may be, the pain is blocked in the area around the spinal cord. This is how relief is attained by the user.

The pain-relieving device can be used from a minimum span of 1 hour or for a whole day until nighttime. This may vary from one user to another depending on their level of pain. Rest assured, the device is safe to be used all throughout the day and night 24/7.

The App

The app is available for free on the designated iOS or App Store. It is easy to use and is also interactive. Everything about the device can be found in this application.

The user’s health information is also accessible in this app. Neuromatrix keeps all patient information confidential so all sensitive data transmitted is encrypted. However, increased privacy can be attained by turning off the connection between the device and the smart phone.

Activity Insight

While wearing the device it can keep track of the user’s activities. This refers to information such as the wearer’s step count per minute, how much time he spent walking, the span of time he spent wearing the pain relief device and more. The app records the user’s activities and can help the user optimize his desired daily activities. Chronic pain diminishes a person’s ability to be physically active and rids him of greater health benefits. Lack of exercise also attracts worse events of chronic pain and other diseases. It is highly recommended for everyone to exercise, especially those who experience severe chronic pains.

Quell’s dedicated app can greatly contribute to recording a person’s activities while the app is running. The App has an activity insight feature that can help provide information and tips about one’s activity level. If exercise isn’t possible due to extreme pain, it is recommended to adjust the device’s settings. Any other concerns related to the patient’s health and physical activities should be discussed with their doctor.

Sleep Insight

Wearing the device while sleeping can also contribute to better managing one’s sleeping cycle. The app’s sleep insight lets the user keep track of the time he spent while laying down; either resting, watching TV or sleeping. It also refers to the amount of time the patient has been receiving treatment while laying down. The sleep insight also records how many times the wearer wakes up after falling asleep. This includes position changes and leg movements.

Quell pain relieving device tracks how much sleep the wearer is getting while the device is worn. These information are then stored in the Quell smart phone app for easier reference.

Sleep plays an important role in keeping good health. It relaxes the mind and body and recharges it for the next day. Inadequate sleep can lead to a weaker immune system, moodiness, headaches and migraines. It can also worsen the level of discomfort caused by chronic pains. The recorded data in the app can help the user optimize his sleeping patterns so he can have a better sleep next day.

Therapy Insights

The suggested therapy lasts for 60-minutes at anytime of the day. However, it can be used as long as necessary until comfort is achieved. The app’s therapy insight keeps track of the details relevant to the therapy conducted by the pain relieving device. This includes how many therapy sessions are done every day and how much time is spent in each session.

This record can help the user determine whether he has been receiving adequate therapy sessions appropriate for his pain. There are indications that the user may require more sessions. The therapy insights can track the consistency of the chronic pains and the duration of therapy necessary to relieve it. Other useful information about Quell medication can also be accessed here.

Pain Insight

The pain insight feature mainly focuses on details relevant to the level of pain. This also includes any disturbances it causes to the user’s sleep and mood. It is important to take note of this since chronic pains greatly damage a person’s quality of life. It decreases the person’s ability to perform jobs and activities throughout the day and causes bad mood. The pain relieving device greatly helps to provide comfort to the wearer to better enhance his lifestyle.

The user can manually rate the pain he experiences and this will be saved and kept secured in the app. Any further pain he may experience can also be recorded to be used as reference, as needed. Users can compare previously recorded pain. The device can then display the differences between the pain experienced and the therapy sessions necessary to relieve it. He can also keep track of how much interference the pain causes on their everyday activities, including sleep and mood.

This feature can also help the wearer identify the factors that triggers the discomforts he experiences. It helps to analyze if the chronic pain is experienced at a certain time of the day or at a specific pattern. With this determined, comfort and treatment can easily be attained.

Who Can Use This?

Quell pain relieving devices are designed for adults of any gender. It can provide relief for any types of pain. There are a lot of quell reviews online and most of them are from patients. Any adult who experiences body or nerve pains can freely try out the relieving effects of quell pain relieving device.

Quell Pain Relieving Device against Chronic Pains

There are various types of chronic pains that make everyday life hardly tolerable for some people. A lot of Quell pain relief reviews prove how dedicated this product is to providing relief to their patrons from discomforts like the ones listed below.

Leg pains and foot pains are bothersome. The painful sensation can disable the patient’s ability to walk for a certain amount of time. It can be felt from the area around the hip all the way down the feet.

Another painful feeling is the stiffness that can be felt in the hands, knees, hips and other areas of the body. This is known as arthritis or joint pains. It can also cause the patient’s fingers to swell.

The cause of nerve pain is hard to determine but the sharp, burning feeling is easy to recognize. Some research indicates this is caused by medications or other illnesses like diabetes.

Even though these chronic pains may be felt at different body parts, Quell medication has one solution. It provides relief by helping the body block the pain and reduce it to a tolerable level.


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