Old School New Body Review-The F4X Training System

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Old School New Body ReviewOld School New Body: Does F4X System Really Work?

Whether you have a body with a bit of extra fat or a very skinny body, there is always something that you wish to change. Searching for an excellent program to help you transform your body is crucial, as it will let you lose weight or gain muscle – whichever your body goal may be.

That is what the book entitled “Old School New Body” promises to achieve. This article provides an honest review of the book and will present everything that you need to know about this diet and workout program which is intended to help you transform your body.

What is Old School New Body?

Old School New Body- F4X Bodyshaping SystemThe Old School New Body is a comprehensive Youth-Enhancing program which is designed to help you change your workout and eating habits with the end goal of shaping your body the way you want it to be. It features all the nutritional information to help you follow a healthy diet as well as all the exercises and workout routines that you could ask for.

The whole package comes with the F4X workout guide and the Old School New Body ebook. It also contains special reports on a wide range of topics including attraction and sex boosters, anti-aging secrets, ultimate muscle gaining secrets, happiness and health secrets, as well as tips on how to burn fat more rapidly.

The whole package also provides 5 instructional and motivational audio interviews of prominent health and fitness experts. You can avail of this whole package for only $20.

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Who is the author?

steve Becky-F4X Bodyshaping System AuthorThis program was authored by Steve and Becky Holman. Steve began weight training at 15 when he was a skinny 119-pounder. Since then, he has been training for over 35 years. He has authored over 20 different books on nutrition and weight training, and has also written hundreds of articles on burning fat and building muscles.

Becky has been working out on and off for over 2 decades, although she lapsed when she was 30 while she was tending for her 2 daughters. Becky became tired of her overweight look and made a total transformation with her body in just a couple of months. Becky’s body total body transformation is part of the Old school New Body ebook.

Steve has been the Iron Man magazine’s Editor in Chief for over 15 years while Becky is currently a regular contributor of nutrition and lifestyle-based items to IM.

As you can notice, both authors of the book have decades of experience under their belts so you can be sure that this is not a scam and the book is worth reading if you want to transform your body.

How does F4X Training System work?

If you want to find out how this program works, you must learn the following important facts:

  • F4X_Training_SystemGood health and dehydration do not go hand in hand – consuming ample amounts of water provides endless health advantages and these include improving the levels of energy, dropping fat, renewing skin, suppressing hunger and protecting the kidney and liver from overwork. The authors of the book underscore the importance of drinking water and according to them, consuming at least 12 ounces of water can help delay the signs of aging in the best possible way.
  • Stop blaming age for everything – the program’s digital guide clearly indicates that you can be fit at any given age and you must not put the blame on the natural process of aging for having a bad physique. It is always possible to take in full control of your mind and body and you must surround yourself with positive thinkers.
  • Smart ways of working out – treadmills and gym classes offer little challenges and long duration exercise routines boost the presence of free radicals in the body. Over time, the process of aging becomes more rapid and your fitness journey is negatively affected. In the program’s digital guide, you can find smart methods of working out. This guide will also teach you how to achieve cardiovascular conditioning with only minimal time and effort.
  • Fats should be accepted and must not be feared – according to the authors of this program, following a low-fat diet plan does not guarantee weight reduction. The book presents certain vital facts about fats. According to the book, fats always help the body to regenerate the power hormones and there is really no danger in accepting them when you follow a proper diet program.

The synthesis of the power hormone called Testosterone is based mainly on your dietary fat and cholesterol intake; and without the aid of these important elements, your body will be unable to synthesize different hormones as well.

Low-fat diet programs will always make you feel sick and weak; the traditional strategy towards fats has to be replaced to effectively lose weight. The book’s digital guide will eliminate all your misconceptions about fat.

  • Combines Weight Loss and Anti-Aging – when you reach the age of 40, your body begins to start aging faster. There are various researches that have clearly verified that you can control this natural process of aging with the aid of proper exercise and diet.

According to this book, you must follow 5 steps to looking 10 years younger. These steps include working out less, staying away from chronic dehydration, stop blaming age for everything, stop running in circles and forgetting about low fat diets.

What is the F4x Protocol?

When you purchase the package, you will notice that it talks a lot about the F4X protocol. With this protocol you will exercise in the following manner:

  • Select a weight that you can lift with reasonable difficulty. You must be able to do 15 repetitions.
  • Instead of having sets of 15 reps, do only ten reps for every set.
  • Have 4 sets composed of ten reps each.
  • In between sets, rest for about 35 seconds.

This practically sounds easy and for the initial set it will be; although, as you advance through the last 3 sets, the difficulty will increase. When you reach your last set, your muscles will start to strain very hard.

After this, the product provides more tips and tricks to help you shed off the unwanted weight and get in more shape. These include the following:

  • Adding more vegetables and fruits into your daily diet to obtain more fiber.
  • Consuming more water
  • Eating meals properly without skipping
  • Having more sex more frequently
  • Sleeping more every night
  • Spending more time walking around during the entire day
  • Doing a cardio routine after going through a tough workout.

While these tricks are very simple, they are highly effective.

Who are the best Candidates for this Youth-Enhancing Program?

While this product is very advantageous for people of all ages, individuals who are 35 years old and above can be considered as the most ideal candidates. A lot of people become susceptible to obesity, wrinkle formation and skin sagging when they reach this age. This program provides valuable and unique strategies that fight aging and fat accumulation simultaneously.

What are the Pros and Cons?

The Advantages of Old School New Body Bodyshaping System:

  1. The program is equally effective for both males and females.
  2. You obtain a great number of highly beneficial bonus gifts.
  3. The program teaches you how to work out with minimal time with the aid of targeted strategies of movement.
  4. You do not have to spend hours working out in the gym to shed weight since this program provides a peculiar, tried and tested approach the provides long-lasting outcomes.
  5. This book features motivational exercises, nutritional advice, diet charts and a lot more to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  6. The makers of the product provide a 100 percent money back guarantee.
  7. The product can be both effective for bodybuilders as well as common people
  8. It can be purchased for just $20.
  9. To achieve the body that you have always dreamed of, you will only need to spend 90 minutes in a week.
  10. All the techniques promoted in this product are easy and simple to follow.

The Disadvantages F4X Training System:

  1. The product is exclusively available online and is not available in local stores.
  2. This product does not deliver instant results.

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Does F4X BodyShaping System really work?

Yes, this product definitely works. First and foremost, the product features tried and tested strategies. It also adopts a highly systematic and result-oriented method of approach. The comments and opinions of existing customers can make or break the credibility of any products and the great number of positive reviews of this product’s users clearly indicates its effectiveness.

The Final Verdict

This product is definitely one of the best weight reduction solutions available in the market these days and it has helped a great number of people all over the world. It offers excellent workout advice and nutritional tips for both the fitness beginner and the gym know-it-all. This product places forward simple and effective strategies that help restore your younger body. It can be said without a bit of doubt that this amazing product is highly recommendable.